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Above all, Caitriona wants a marriage based on mutual friendship. With the freedom of being a ruined spinster, she’s cultivated an interest in midwifery when an arranged marriage to the infuriatingly secretive Laird of Calhoun Castle strips her independence.  Fighting to unveil the mystery of his past, she discovers that behind the devilish legend is a man fraught with pain. But the revelation that he needs an heir in order to save his leadership leaves her reeling, and she is faced with a choice: fulfill her role in expected silence to facilitate clan peace, or stay true to herself and risk losing her midwifery… and her last chance at love?

Rhys Macnammon revels in solitude. After the death of his first wife, whose betrayal ripped away his ability to trust, the Laird sequesters himself in Calhoun Castle until his leadership is challenged and he is required to marry again. Espoused to a woman whose fiery nature exposes all of his secrets, he realizes he cannot force her to live by his rules. But he has ignored the threat of clan rebels for too long. If he does not provide an heir and prove his clan loyalty, Rhys stands to lose his lairdship… and both their lives.

Thrust into a battle neither of them wants, Rhys and Caitriona cannot ignore the passion that rises as they fight to retain the lives they once knew. And when the cause of her ruined reputation turns up as a Macnammon family friend, their pasts collide in a perilous game of love and warfare. 

Coming October 2024