About The Author

About Kristina

Kristina has been writing stories since the tender age of seven, when she found it far more interesting to fill the pages of her journals with the adventures of naughty twin toddlers who got into all kinds of trouble than it ever was to write about her own mundane life as a small-town farm girl. From reading those young tales to her cousins, to writing an epic 200 page historic romance novel that gained swift popularity on her favorite writing website FictionPress, Kristina has always had the desire to share the joy of her storytelling with others. History, romance, and humanity are always present in her literary endeavors.

In her day-to-day life, she is a full-time mother to four young children, a housewife, and a vintage fashion blogger and YouTuber. Despite many creative endeavors, though, writing has always been at the heart of everything she dreams of doing. 

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